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Control the Hard to Control

Use a pre-emergent herbicide for early season control

Find the right herbicide for early season weed control

Hard-to-control weeds are a growing problem across Western Canada, and if not managed properly, they can have a devastating impact on yields and protection costs. Early season weeds like kochia, chickweed, pigweed, lamb’s-quarters and seedling dandelion put serious pressure on your crop. They compete with many young plants: pulse, wheat, canola and soybeans for nutrients, moisture and sunlight – making it much harder to get off to a strong start.

Agronomic expertise

Using a pre-emergent herbicide for early season broadleaf weed control will increase your crops profitability. Good crop planning is necessary to ensure the effectiveness of your pre-emergent herbicide. It is necessary to consider weed species and density, crop type, soil conditions and your crop rotation plans.

Our experienced team can help you align the right herbicide to your current crop plan. Learn more about your options below and contact your local P&H for more information.

Manage your weed resistance

Resistance can significantly impact yield, profit and even land value (costing Canadian growers an estimated $1.1 to $1.5 billion annually). It’s essential to implement weed management programs that provide near-perfect weed control to maximize farm profitability and limit weed seed return to the soil. Ultimately, this will reduce the emergence of herbicide resistant weeds.

It’s critical to adopt best practices to manage resistance and protect crop yield and quality today, ensuring sustainable crop production for the future. Resistance best management practices (BMPs) include a combination of cultural, mechanical, biological, and chemical control measures. Start today, and take it one field at a time.

  • Rotate Crops
  • Mix and rotate herbicides (“herbicide layering”)
  • Use recommended rate and timing

For more information on managing resistance visit, Manage Resistance Now


Herbicide Layering

One best ways to combat the onset of resistance is to follow an approach known as “herbicide layering” and by being aggressive with pre-seed/pre-emergent herbicides in the spring. With the right pre-seed and an in-season herbicide plan, you can you control your existing weed problem and delay resistance development.

For more information on managing weeds with herbicide layering, click HERE.

Glyphosate-resistant kochia weed map of Canada