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AAC Elie

High Performance Across Production Zones

Landing in the top two when it comes to the highest yielding hard red spring wheat varieties, AAC Elie consistently delivers results to growers across varying prairie production zones, weather conditions and management levels. As a sister variety to Brandon, AAC Elie has the yield, stature, protein and disease package from Brandon, with the added benefit of good sprouting resistance.

  • 56.4 bu/acre five-year average based on Saskatchewan Crop Insurance
  • Consistently good grade results and high test weights
  • Good sprouting resistance

Disease Package

AAC Elie has excellent leaf rust and stem rust resistance and has shown good resistance to FHB.


As a strong strawed CWRS with excellent standability, AAC Elie brings efficiency to your harvest.

  • Semi-Dwarf stature
  • Lodging – Very Good

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