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AAC Redberry

Higher Yield, Higher Protein & Earlier Maturity

AAC Redberry from Alliance Seed is an early maturing, high yielding CWRS that will help you get the yield and protein in the bin earlier.

  • 108% higher yielding than Carberry, 115% of checks through registration trials
  • 3-4 days earlier maturing
  • Good sprouting resistance
  • High test weight

AAC Redberry also has good protein levels, retaining the milling and grade qualities from its Glenn parentage.

In a plot in Wainwright, AB, AAC Redberry had protein of 14.6 and #1 grade, while the leading variety had protein of 11.3 and #2 grade.

AAC Redberry and leading variety grain samples

Strong Disease Package

AAC Redberry has excellent Rust resistance and has shown lower FHB incidence and severity and lower DON accumulation levels than many MR rated lines.

Great Harvestability

AAC Redberry will not only be ready to harvest earlier, it has a number of characteristics that will help you have a more efficient harvest, including:

  • Mid Height Semi-Dwarf stature at 93cm
  • Lodging – Very Good

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