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SY Torach

The Name Says it All

Pronunciation /’TOR·ak (Gaelic). ADJECTIVE; Fruitful, high yielding.

SY Torach offers increased yield while providing a protein boost over the most commonly grown CWRS varieties in the market today. SY Torach maintains the short, strong standing semi dwarf characteristics growers are after, and improves disease resistance with an MR for FHB.

  • Tremendous standability with short plant height for easer and speed of a big harvest
  • Improved protein levels over comparable CWRS varieties
  • Excellent yield
  • MR for FHB, R for Loose smut and Leaf and Stem Rust allowing for an easier disease management strategy
  • Parentage: BW874//01S2120-40

2021 Techsheet - Manitoba and E. Saskatchewan

2021 Techsheet - Alberta and W. Saskatchewan

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