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The proof is in the pedigree.

Choosing the right seed is a decision that can significantly impact your farm’s profitability. That’s why agronomists at Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited take the time to get to know your farm. Knowing your soil fertility, growing conditions and management practices help us make the best recommendations to drive your profit and yield. P&H  provides a wide range of genetics and traits to create a customized seed package for your farm.

P&H has the perfect seed solutions for you.

Check out these top-yielding varieties from Alliance Seed and ask our agronomists how they can help you maximize your profitability.


AAC Redberry

AAC Redberry from Alliance Seed is an early maturing, high yielding CWRS that will help you get the yield and protein in the bin earlier. It has excellent rust resistance and offers superior harvestability.

Book early. Limited supply available.

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NEW SY Torach

NEW SY Torach offers an increased yield while providing a protein boost over the most commonly grown CWRS varieties. It maintains short, strong standing semi dwarf characteristics and has excellent disease resistance.

Act now. Limited supply available.

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AAC Elie

AAC Elie consistently delivers results to growers across varying prairie production zones, weather conditions and management levels. AAC Elie has the yield, stature, protein and disease package from Brandon, with the added benefit of good sprouting resistance.

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CDC Precision

By setting the new standard for yield potential without sacrificing important agronomic characteristics, CDC Precision stands out as the elite option for today’s producer.

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SY Rowyn

SY Rowyn offers wheat growers consistently high yields, good straw strength and very good disease resistance, including strong tolerance to FHB infection. SY Rowyn is a variety that Canadian producers can use to push their wheat yields higher while maintaining access to good milling markets.

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NEW AB Cattlelac

AB Cattlelac is a new semi smooth awned barley that was ranked No. 1 for forage yield in two years of co‑op testing. Coupled with good lodging resistance, good grain yield and excellent disease resistance, livestock producers can feel confident AB Cattlelac is the luxury barley of choice for their operations.

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NEW Topaz

Topaz is a new flax variety available to flax growers featuring good yield potential, excellent lodging resistance and the high oil content flax marketers covet.

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