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Pedigreed Seed

With a team of agronomic experts, over 100 years of grain marketing excellence and Canada’s largest flour milling operation, Parrish & Heimbecker understands the grain market – from seed to final product. And we know that it all starts with selecting the right seed.

The crop advisors at P&H are here to help you identify the variety that best fits your farm and help you realize the full potential of the seed through a tailored crop nutrition and crop protection plan. Our agronomic team works closely with our grain traders and merchandisers to create demand for your wheat and to provide access to domestic and international markets.

Learn more about high performing pedigreed seed varieties below and contact your local P&H to learn how to maximize the return on your wheat acres.



Strengths – Significant step forward in CWRS yield and Midge Tolerance

AAC LeRoy VB is a NEW Midge Tolerant CWRS that makes a significant step forward for yield potential in CWRS. With an MR for FHB and improved lodging resistance AAC LeRoy VB will be an exciting variety for Western Canadian wheat growers.

  • AAC LeRoy VB raises the standards for CWRS yields, with yields of 13% more than Carberry and 10% over Unity in registration trials
  • MR for FHB
  • Sm1 Resistance



Pronunciation /’TOR·ak (Gaelic). ADJECTIVE; Fruitful, high yielding.

NEW SY Torach offers increased yield while providing a protein boost over the most commonly grown CWRS varieties in the market today. SY Torach maintains the short, strong standing semi dwarf characteristics growers are after, and improves disease resistance with an MR for FHB.

  • Excellent protein potential (0.2–0.9% higher than Carberry) to maximize fertility program
  • High yielding (109% of Carberry in MB, 107% in SK) with earlier maturity than Carberry
  • Short status (84 cm) with excellent standability for quick and efficient harvest
  • MR for FHB to resist the formation and severity of fusarium headblight
  • Best adapted to Manitoba and Saskatchewan

AAC Redberry – CWRS

Higher Yield, Higher Protein & Earlier Maturity

New in 2019, with limited supply available, AAC Redberry from Alliance Seed is an early maturing, high yielding CWRS that will help you get the yield and protein in the bin earlier.

  • 108% higher yielding than Carberry, 115% of checks through registration trials
  • 3-4 days earlier maturing
  • Good sprouting resistance
  • High test weight

AAC Redberry also has good protein levels, retaining the milling and grade qualities from its Glenn parentage.

In a plot in Wainwright, AB, AAC Redberry had protein of 14.6 and #1 grade, while the leading variety had protein of 11.3 and #2 grade.

AAC Redberry and leading variety grain samples

Disease Package

AAC Redberry has excellent Rust resistance and has shown lower FHB incidence and severity and lower DON accumulation levels than many MR rated lines.


AAC Redberry will not only be ready to harvest earlier, it has a number of characteristics that will help you have a more efficient harvest, including:

  • Mid Height Semi-Dwarf stature at 93cm
  • Lodging – Very Good

View the AAC Redberry Tech Sheet


High Performance Across Production Zones

Landing in the top two when it comes to the highest yielding hard red spring wheat varieties, AAC Elie consistently delivers results to growers across varying prairie production zones, weather conditions and management levels. As a sister variety to Brandon, AAC Elie has the yield, stature, protein and disease package from Brandon, with the added benefit of good sprouting resistance.

  • 56.4 bu/acre five-year average based on Saskatchewan Crop Insurance
  • Consistently good grade results and high test weights
  • Good sprouting resistance

Disease Package

AAC Elie has excellent leaf rust and stem rust resistance and has shown good resistance to FHB.


As a strong strawed CWRS with excellent standability, AAC Elie brings efficiency to your harvest.

  • Semi-Dwarf stature
  • Lodging – Very Good

View the AAC Elie Tech Sheet


Advanced Agronomy & Trusted Market Access

SY Rowyn, a proprietary wheat seed developed by Syngenta and distributed by Alliance Seed, is a variety with consistently high yields, averaging 15% higher than leading CWRS varieties across all production zones.

As a grower of SY Rowyn, you have unique grain marketing opportunities in milling markets through the team of expert grain merchants and network of flour milling operations at Parrish & Heimbecker.

Disease Package

SY Rowyn has very good disease resistance, including strong tolerance to FHB infection.



With good straw strength and semi-dwarf stature, SY Rowyn has excellent threshability.

  • Semi-Dwarf stature
  • Lodging – Very Good

View the SY Rowyn Tech Sheet

CDC Precision – CWAD

Consistent Performance and Standability

With very high, consistent yields across durum growing areas, CDC Precision is for the progressive grower who is ready to realize the full potential of their durum acres.

  • Highest yielding CWAD – 118% of Strongfield (2016 SVPG Trials)
  • Improved standability to Strongfield
  • Reduced height and improved protein to Brigade

Disease Package

CDC Precision has the best available FHB rating in the durum class, along with being moderately resistant or resistant to all rusts.


View the CDC Precision Tech Sheet

Seed Treatment Incentives

When you purchase your pedigreed seed through Parrish & Heimbecker, you can qualify for incentives on seed treatment. Ask your P&H crop advisor for more details on how you can save on your seed treatment.

Contact your local P&H to order your pedigreed seed today.