Round Table Grower Meeting - Parrish and Heimbecker, Limited

Round Table Grower Meeting

Weyburn, SK


Join Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited for a two day farm information session. 

Do you want to hear the latest on chemical, fertilizer, inoculant, seed, financing plus much more?

We have lined up 18 companies over the course of the two days who will share important information to help you make decisions for you farm this coming year.

How will this work?

We are introducing a new concept called Round Tables. Each day we will have nine representatives present their information on products and programs. You will start the meeting sitting at a round table with one  representative and seven other farmers. After 35 minutes, you will move onto the next round table to hear the next presentation and so on.

(See below for full list of attendees)

Date: December 11 & 12, 2019
Location: McKenna Hall (Weyburn, SK)
Time: 9:30-4:00

Lunch will be served at 12 noon.

Limited seats available, be sure to RSVP today!

Contact Jason Stewart @ 306-861-0352 or

Who will be attending?

Taurus – Are you thinking about adding more phosphate with your seed? Crystal Green is the first continuous release granular fertilizer to provide root-activated phosphorus to feed plants in one season-long application while significantly reducing the risk of salt injury in canola.

Nufarm – Are Kochia and other tough weeds causing problems on your farm? Check out products like Valtera and Fierce to help clean them up. Nufarm offers a diverse portfolio of cereal, canola, pulse and soybean products. 

Alliance Seed – Hear why AAC Redberry may be the very best CWRS in the market place today. It is very early maturing with good standability and high protein. Learn about the other seed varieties in the Alliance portfolio including CDC Precision Durum which has set the new standard for durum yield.

InVigor – Once again BASF has introduced new InVigor canola varieties. Learn about L345PC & L352C. BASF has also introduced a target plant population recommendation that is supported with seed-count packaging.

Simplot – 40 Rock Fertilizer – (12-40-0 with 6.5% Sulfur & 1% Zinc) 40 Rock is an ideal combination of N & P for use as a starter fertilizer. The monoammonium form reduces the risk of fertilizer injury to germinating seeds.

DEKALB – What is all the hype around TrueFlex Canola Seed?  Is it the next generation of seed technology? DEKALB has some of the best corn, soybean & canola seed varieties in the industry. Learn which DEKALB  varieties are suited for your farm.

Adama – “The Simpler Choice” – Adama offers you an alternative to some of the most popular name brand   products. New products like Ladder All In, Rush, Silencer & many more take the hassle out of buying based on company programming.

BASF – What inoculants are you going to use on your farm? Check out BASF’s huge lineup of fungicides like Caramba, Cotegra, Dyax, Lance, Nexicor & Priaxor. They also have a full lineup of herbicides, fungicides & seed treatments to check out.

Syngenta – Hear about Syngenta’s excellence in cereal, pulse and soybean seed treatments. Whether its elite fungicides like Elatus or the very best herbicides such as Traxos and Reglone Ion, Syngenta will have a product that fits your farm.

Alpine – Have you considered using seed placed liquid fertilizer? Check out Alpine’s lineup of starter liquid fertilizers. Alpine also manufactures and distributes a full line of foliar fertilizers as well as foliar and soil-applied micronutrients such as zinc, manganese, boron, copper and molybdenum. 

Tiger-Sul – Learn about Sulphur Bentonite’s influence on soil nutrient availability. Tiger XP addresses early season soil sulphate deficiencies by accelerating plant sulphate availability and consistently offering higher sulphate levels throughout the entire growing season.

Gowan Canada – You have heard it over and over, you need to look for effective solutions for your significant problems including herbicide resistant weeds. Whether you call it herbicide layering, sequential herbicide applications or a PRE plus POST weed control program, using a soil residual herbicide like Edge, Avadex or Fortress followed by an in-crop herbicide is a good idea.

YARA – YaraVita PROCOTE is a proprietary micronutrient coating that leverages the granular fertilizer to evenly and efficiently distribute essential micronutrients to growing crops. If you want to grow your best crop, it requires micronutrients. Learn more about YaraVita PROCOTE and other options available to you.

NexusBioAg – NexusBioAg is the exclusive distributor of Novozymes leading inoculants in Canada. These include premium leading inoculant products like Jumpstart, TagTeam, QuickRoots, Optimize and Cell-Tech.

Corteva – Brevant canola seed for Nexera contracts and top notch products like OcTTain, Simplicity, Liquid Achieve and Prepass – Corteva’s extensive product lineup will help solve your weed problems.

Bayer – If you are looking for the best cereal, pulse or oilseed product Bayer is sure to have it. Top quality products like Proline, Prosaro XTR, Delaro and many more will help you grow the very best crop. Learn more about Bayer’s outstanding lineup.

Farm Credit Corporation – Providing convenient loan options to purchase crop inputs when you need them most.  Revolving pre-approved credit options when you need quick access to funds. Hear the many other options FCC has to offer.

Nutrients Market Update with Tyler Freeman – How does Parrish & Heimbecker stay ahead of the fertilizer market?  What does NOLA mean?  Is pricing being determined by the North America Market or by the Global Market?  Find out how this all works with Tyler.