Additional Services - Parrish and Heimbecker, Limited Other Services | P & H

Our team is also here to help you with these additional agronomic services.

Crop Scouting

Our Certified Crop Advisors will walk your fields to identify pressures that may be robbing yield or quality from your crop. We will use in-field insights to recommend the right crop protection products to get your crop back on track.

Our team can help identify issues and solutions related to pressures such as:

  • Disease or insect pressures
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Issues caused by seeding depth, timing or weather


Soil Sampling

We can help you determine the fertility in your fields and also help you make informed decisions about the timing and rate of fertilizer application through soil sampling. The soil testing can also verify crop input recommendations, so that you are confident in your on-farm investments.


Product recommendation, fulfillment and delivery

Our team will make crop input product recommendations through a prescriptive approach, and we can also fulfill the recommendations with our wide selection of crop input products and arrange for delivery. Visit our Crop Inputs page to learn more about the seed, crop protection and crop nutrient products we offer.

Learn more about the agronomic services offered at your local P&H.