Northern Nutrients - Parrish and Heimbecker, Limited


100% Canadian Owned Investing in Canadian Agriculture

Northern Nutrients brings innovation to the agriculture market and has created new disruptive supply routes for fertilizers into Canada. The company focuses on local manufacturing and processing to ensure a secure supply of macro and micro nutrient fertilizers for the North America market. See below for information on the Northern Nutrients products offered at P&H.

Triple Kick 38-0-0-18

World first Nitrogen + Sulphur + Stabilizers + Carbon in single prill

  • This homogenous prill can be blended with phosphate and potash making it a superior NPKS option for seed placement and plant utilization.
  • Provides the ultimate in above and below ground protection as the Sulphur component works together with the Stabilizers & Carbon source to prevent ammonia volatilization, nitrate leaching, & nitrification while providing a high analysis N+S fertilizer.


ARCTIC S 11-0-0 with 75% Sulphur

Sulphur made easy

  • Low salt index for safer seed placement & improved phos uptake
  • Provides a season long source of Sulphur
  • Save time & money with less product to handle
  • Seed row, sideband, MRB application
  • Less prone to caking than Ammonium Sulphate
  • Less leaching in wet seasons resulting in more S available during pod fill