Corn and Soybeans Planning Ahead - Parrish and Heimbecker, Limited

Consider the end-use market

P&H and other industry leaders in Canada have developed a secure market for Canadian corn growers into the European marketplace for grain and corn by-products. But there are new corn hybrids that introduced to the Canadian market that are not approved in the EU approved. Some commercial elevators will only take EU-approved hybrids.

At this time, P&H will not accept any varieties that are not approved for use in the EU. Know your end-use market prior to selecting hybrids. Start your planning early so your planting plans match your marketing.

The same holds true for soybeans. Depending on your area there may be more considerations to make when selecting a soybean system. We can match the best varieties considering your disease pressure, weed spectrum, row width, soil type and marketing plans.

Fertilizer costs and other input availability

In this current economic climate, you need to think through your plans. Prices are fluctuating and there are constant rumours of supply chain issues affecting product supply.

The best way to get ahead of the curve is to start talking to your P&H retailer early. We’re ready. We want to see you win.