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Crystal Green®

Put your crops in control of their phosphorus needs with Crystal Green®.

Phosphorus is essential to plant growth and performance, but it isn’t always available when plants need it. This is where Crystal Green® can help. Crystal Green® is the first continuous release fertilizer to provide Root-Activated™ phosphorus, along with nitrogen and magnesium, in one citrate soluble granule. This technology allows plants to utilize phosphorus when they need it.

The Root-Activated™ difference.

Crystal Green® citrate soluble granules release nutrients according to a plant’s root demand. As the roots produce citrates, Crystal Green® responds with a healthy release of phosphorus, fertilizing plants on demand. This unique mode-of-action prevents the tie-up of phosphorus in low and high pH soils. It also reduces the risk of leaching and run-off, minimizing nutrient loss and maximizing your ROI.

Safe for your seeds and your budget.

Seed safety is one of the major concerns when considering phosphorus fertilizer. Unlike traditional forms, Crystal Green® salt index is extremely low. This not only increases seed safety, but improves stand count and yield.

Crystal Green® is sustainably and locally sourced using nutrient recovery. Its continuous release technology is proven to reduce loss due to environmental conditions. It is an optimal solution for growers looking for a safe phosphate source that’s cost effective. As you can see in the chart below, Phosphate rates are increasing in Western Canada. Crystal Green® has an advantage over traditional phosphate sources because it offers nutrients throughout the growing season. The season-long release allows you to get the most out of your fertilizer investment.

Western Canada Applications Rates

pounds of nutrients per acre

1 Application rates are estimated based on Statistics Canada reported nutrient shipments and seeded acreage of major field crops.

2 Potash shipment data for 2019 is not available.

For more information on Crystal Green®, visit or stop by your local P&H retailer. P&H is a choice supplier of Crystal Green® and our team of experts is ready to help you develop a customized crop plan.