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Boost yields and crop quality with top dress nitrogen

Application timing

As the season progresses, you may be contemplating adding additional fertilizer to influence yield or protein in wheat.  As a general rule, broadcast or foliar nitrogen applications made prior to flag leaf emergence will contribute more to yield, while applications made post flag leaf emergence will contribute more to proteinprovided the plant has the nitrogen needed to produce yield.

Research has shown that nitrogen applications just prior to heading through post-flowering (2-weeks) can contribute to a protein increase.

When applying top dress urea or UAN, applying a nitrogen stabilizer to prevent nitrogen loss and further improve yield and crop performance potential.

Products available

P&H has a variety of top dress products to fit your operation’s nutrient management program. These products include:

  • UAN (Urea Ammonium Nitrate)
  • Nitrogen Foliars
  • Urea

Visit your local P&H retailer to learn more about the benefits top dress nitrogen can bring to your farm. Our expert staff are ready to answer any questions you have and help you select products perfect for your operation.