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Crop Nutrient Solutions

Efficient fertility management means applying the right crop nutrients at the right rate at the right time. P&H agronomic specialists can help you determine beneficial fertilizer and fertilizer rates for your crop to help you maximize the value of your fertilizer investments.

P&H brings a complete crop nutrient offering to customers through access to global fertilizer markets, experienced and knowledgeable crop nutrient merchants, Certified Crop Advisors and custom application operators as well as ever expanding fertilizer facilities.

Are you getting the most out of your fertilizer application? Applying micronutrients and bio-based additives to your dry or liquid fertilizer is a great way to boost your nutrient management and achieve a more even distribution across the root zone of your crops.

The benefits of fertilizer impregnation

Fertilizer impregnation is the process of adding a micronutrient, chemical, or bio-based additive to a dry or liquid fertilizer. The goal of fertilizer impregnation is to improve the distribution of nutrients for increased crop uptake.

Fertilizer impregnation directly benefits:

  • ROI — increased micronutrient uptake can improve yield potential.
  • Agronomic efficiency — micro and macro nutrient distribution in one application for earlier and
    improved root development.
  • Operational efficiency — improvements to handling, spreadability, flow, and storability of granular fertilizer.
  • 4R Stewardship/Sustainability — better nutrient utilization, water retention, soil PH, and improved organic matter.


Facilities & Capabilities

Our strong crop nutrient capabilities are supported by infrastructure and equipment that bring capacity, speed and precision to the fertilizer blending process. The capacity and set-up of our fertilizer facilities allows for fast and easy product loading as well as maximum utilization and uptime of the blender. Our overhead storage tanks allow pre-blended fertilizer to be stored on-site, ready for quick loading.


Fertilizer products

Our fertilizer product offering includes:

  • Dry fertilizers
  • Micronutrient coatings such as PROCOTE®
  • Liquid fertilizer products, including starter fertilizers

Contact your local P&H to discuss a crop nutrient plan that fits your farm.