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choosing the right pre-emergent

Choosing the right pre-emergent herbicide

There are a number of herbicide choices that can be used to maintain the critical weed free period for each crop, including options that also offer residual control. Integrated weed management is an important part of maximizing your crop’s success, but with the right strategy, the right herbicide program and the right timing, effective control can be achieved and maintained.

Working Together

Start the season off strong!  P&H together with FMC products has the most comprehensive lineup and products and experienced team, ready to help you navigate through the herbicide options and find the right strategic, cost-effective approach for your farm.

Boost your burnoff while keeping your cropping options open

  • Effective, quick burnoff of hard-to-control weeds, including gylphosate-resistant biotypes.
  • Provides protection for a broad range of crops with flexible tank-mix options.
  • A flexible tank-mix partner for enhanced burn-off.


Extended control of tough broadleaf weeds

  • Now registered in spring wheat.
  • Pre-plant and pre-emergent extended control of tough broadleaf weeds in a wide range of crops.
  • Group 14 for resistance management.
  • Concentrated formulation for ease of use and mixing.


2-in-1 pre-emergent protection against grassy and broadleaf weeds

  • Pre-plant and pre-emergent extended weed control for grassy and broadleaf weeds in field peas, chickpeas, soybeans and sunflowers.
  • Consistent grass and broadleaf performance on though-to-control weeds.
  • Multiple modes of action for resistance management.


Your first line of defense against cleavers in canola

  • Early, extended control of cleavers and suppression of common chickweed in front of canola, mustard and camelina.
  • Unique Group 13 mode of action for resistance management.
  • Does not require incorporation and is taken up by the roots of germinating cleavers upon activation.


A stronger, more complete burnoff before canola plus weeks of extended cleaver control

  • Differentiated broad spectrum burnoff.
  • Extended control of early-season cleavers and suppression of chickweed.
  • Multiple modes of action to battle weed resistance.


Proactive resistance management with uncompromising burnoff performance

  • Three modes of action when tank-mixed with glyphosate.
  • Enhanced control of key weeds like kochia, dandelion, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, volunteer canola.
  • Systemic activity all the way down to the root, so weeds won’t grow back.


Professional strength burnoff with extended control

  • Provides up to 15 days of extended control on key broadleaf weeds, including cleavers, dandelion, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard and volunteer canola (excluding group 2 herbicide tolerant canola).


Excellent burnoff weed control with maximum cropping flexibility

  • When added to glyphosate, it provides enhanced control of hard-to-kill broadleaf weeds while providing maximum cropping flexibility.
  • Gets right to the root of your weed problems with systemic activity.


Extended control of the toughest grassy and broadleaf weeds. Helps speed up the activity that glyphosate offers for a more complete burnoff

  • A unique combination of actives in one product providing comprehensive broadleaf and grassy weed control.
  • Multiple modes of action for resistance management.


Unleash the power of 4 modes of action in your cereal burnoff

  • Fast burning activity with the power of systemic action on broadleaf weeds.
  • Extensive burnoff of over 30 broadleaf weeds in front of cereal crops.
  • Cleaver fields without the worry of resistant weed escapes.
  • Multiple modes of action to battle weed resistance.