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Managing your weeds with a pre-emergent herbicide

Developing a pre-emergent herbicide strategy can be an effective way to manage weed populations and improve crop yields. Here are some steps to follow when developing your pre-emergent herbicide strategy:

  1. Identify the target weeds: The first step is to identify the weed species that are most problematic in your field and whether you are concerned about herbicide resistance. This will help you choose the right pre-emergent herbicides that are effective against those weeds.
  2. Determine the best timing for application: The timing of your pre-emergent herbicide application is critical for its effectiveness. You may need to apply the herbicide before the target weeds appear. This timing will vary depending on the crop and the weed species, so consult with your local agronomist for specific recommendations.
  3. Select the appropriate herbicide: Once you have identified the target weeds and determined the optimal timing for application, you can choose the appropriate herbicide. There are many pre-emergent herbicides available, so it’s important to choose the one that is most effective against your target weeds and safe for your crops. Also, consider what if any extended control you will need.
  4. Consider tank mixing: Tank mixing can be an effective way to increase the spectrum of weed control and reduce the risk of herbicide resistance. However, not all herbicides are compatible for tank mixing, so check the label instructions carefully. Learn more about herbicide layering.
  5. Monitor and adjust: Finally, it’s important to monitor the effectiveness of your pre-emergent herbicide application and adjust as needed. If you notice that some weeds are still present after the application, you may need to apply an in-crop herbicide or other weed management techniques.

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Understanding the Critical Weed Free Period: Keeping crops free of weeds during this period can be crucial to maximizing yield potential at harvest.

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