YaraVita PROCOTE - Parrish and Heimbecker, Limited

Want to make crop nutrition easier?

YaraVita PROCOTE has you covered

Crop nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. YaraVita PROCOTE is an oil-based technology that leverages each granule in your existing dry fertilizer program. The unique coating technology fortifies each granule with an even distribution of essential micronutrients. The even distribution of YaraVita PROCOTE provides better nutrient availability and won’t segregate like dry granular or powdered micronutrients.

Improved Fertilizer Handling

YaraVita PROCOTE benefits more than your crops. Thanks to its oil suspension technology, YaraVita PROCOTE nearly eliminates all dust when applied to your fertilizer. It also reduces caking tendencies during storage.

Increased Return on Investment

If you want to grow your best crop, it requires micronutrients. The proof is in the results. Across all crop types, applying YaraVita PROCOTE resulted in higher yields and better returns for farmers across Canada.

Customize your blend with P&H

Your local P&H retailer is ready to help you implement YaraVita PROCOTE into your nutrient program. P&H can customize your blends to fulfill the macro and micronutrient requirements you need for a successful crop. Stop by your local location to learn more about the benefits of YaraVita PROCOTE.

Available through your local P&H location

Don’t overlook your crop nutrients plan this fall. Talk to your local P&H location about the advantages of applying YaraVita PROCOTE to your fertilizer to ensure optimal performance this year.

Treaters are available at the following locations:

Mossleigh, AB
Dakota (Sedgewick), AB
St. Paul, AB
Viking, AB
Wainwright, AB
Biggar (Hanover Jct), SK
Hamlin, SK
Moose Jaw, SK
Weyburn, SK
Watrous (Parrish Siding), SK
Moosomin, SK
Yorkton, SK
Glossop (Strathclair), MB