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Boost yields and crop quality with your foliar application

The benefits of foliar nutrient application

Foliar nutrient application is a fast and efficient way to feed your crops at their critical development stages. With different macro and micro nutrient options and combinations, you can customize your fertility program and supplement your crops with nutrients when the plant needs it, improving crop performance. Foliar applications also have the ability to tank mix with herbicides and fungicides, making them extremely cost effective and efficient for application.


  • Contributes to higher yield
  • Contributes to higher protein
  • Can add plant mass when applied to feed crops
  • Nitrogen applications can help the plant endure periods of drought


  • Enables photosynthesis
  • Provides additional power for the plant when under stress
  • Provides critical plant phosphate needs while the plant metabolizes pesticides to prevent flashing of leaf tissue and prolonged maturity.
  • Supports development when going through vigorous growth cycles:
    • Root growth
    • Stem strength
    • Disease resistance
    • Flowering
    • Seed Production


  • Crucial for water regulation in the plant
  • Key in helping to balance water within the plant cells and regulates water loss through transpiration (the process where plantsabsorb water through the roots and then give off water vapor through pores in their leaves)
    • Develops straw strength for improved standability
    • Assists in managing temperature stress such as drought and frost
    • Aids in better disease resistance and tolerance to some insects
  • Can improve bushel weight


  • Aids in use of nutrients and regulates other nutrients (think of it as a gate opener)
  • Forming and strengthening cell walls – healthy plant growth
  • Improves pollination, flowering, pod formation for better seed development and even maturity
  • Improves oil content in canola
  • Important for nitrogen fixation and nodulation


  • Helps form healthy roots
    • Uptake of nutrients
    • Optimum growth and yield
  • Influences plant hormone proteins and ability to cope with stress
  • Increased fertility
  • Better grain quality

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