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Get your crop off to a strong start

Seed treatments from P&H

Get early season control of diseases in your crop

Getting your crop off to a strong start will benefit you at harvest time. Seed treatments are used to control diseases and pests that affect crops very early in the growing season with the goal to improve the establishment of healthy crops.

Unsuitable environmental conditions such as deficiencies or excesses of nutrients, adverse soil and weather conditions can cause numerous diseases to be more prevalent. A wet fall , like we have experienced this past fall, can increase the instance of disease in your pulse and cereal crops.

Consider seed treatment products from P&H that provide broad, early-season control of a wide range of diseases and promote both root growth and nutrient uptake.

Why Seed Treatment?

  • Stronger crop establishment– for crops that are better able to cope with unforeseen stresses
  • Healthier plants– protected from insect pressure and free of disease
  • Higher yield– delivering maximum plant potential and a greater return on investment

What product is right for you crop?

Our experienced team can help you discuss the potential risk on your farm and find the right solution. Learn more about your options by viewing the charts listed and contact your local P&H for more information.

Seed Treatment - Barley, Oats, Wheat, Field Pea, Lentil

Download Seed Treatment charts