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Herbicide layering to control resistant weeds

Managing resistant weeds with herbicide layering.

As you can imagine, tackling resistant weeds is not an easy task. Rotating your herbicides and adding multi-mode of action products, is an impactful way to control resistant weeds. Herbicide layering can improve your weed control and help increase your ROI even if you are struggling with resistance. You should consider herbicide layering if you notice weed escapes after using a soil-applied herbicide last fall or this spring.

Kochia, a big problem.

Herbicide resistant is kochia quickly spreading and becoming one of the biggest weed issues producers are trying to combat across Canada. While all kochia is consider to be Group 2 resistant, a 2017 survey from Alberta showed kochia populations resistant to Group 9, went from 5% in 2012 to 50% in 2017. That same survey also revealed that 18% of those populations were Group 4 resistant and 10% had three-way resistance to Group 2, 4, and 9.

Kochia can produce up to 30,000 seeds and disperse them over a wide area once the plant matures and becomes a tumbleweed. With roots that can grow as deep as 16 feet, kochia steals moisture from the ground and severely impacts crop growth and production. In fact, early-emerging kochia can reduce crop yields by 70 percent. In some cases, entire fields have been lost to herbicide resistant kochia.

Tackle a variety of weeds and reduce the chance of resistance.

Using a herbicide layering program is a great way to not only control herbicide resistant weeds, but also control weeds that may not be responsive to one herbicide such as wild oats and cleavers. Essentially, herbicide layering broadens overall weed control while also minimizing the chances of a weed becoming resistant. If you are only using one mode of action, weeds can eventually become resistant to that certain kind of herbicide. Herbicide layering offers better control across different types of weeds and helps eliminates the concern of a weed developing resistance.

Crop protection customized for your farm.

Let P&H be your partner in crop protection. Our experts are ready to help you create a customized plan to manage herbicide resistance and protect your crop’s yield and quality. Stop by your local retailer to learn about all of the products and services we offer.