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2020 Pulse Crop Planning

Get a head start on spring 2020 pulse crop planning.

It’s a great time to start thinking about how to make your 2020 crop year a success. Our team of P&H experts is ready to help. Stop by your local retailer to learn about our full lineup of pulse crop products and the benefits of booking early.


Using a pre-seed product can provide a weed-free environment for your crops to flourish. We have products with multiple modes of action and residual control to get your pulse crops off to a great start.


Our fungicide seed treatment products provide broad, early-season control of a wide range of diseases which will be very important in wet conditions. We have products that promote both root growth and nutrient uptake in pulse crops.


Adding an inoculant to your crop plan will increase yield potential as planting conditions change.
Select an inoculant that will enhance your nutrient availability and maximize your crop’s yield potential.


Find the perfect solution for your farm from our broad portfolio of post-emergent broadleaf and grass herbicides for your peas, lentils and dry beans.

Don’t wait! Learn about products, savings and more.

Visit your local P&H retailer and start planning for 2020. Our team is ready to help you select products and create personalized crop plans that will maximize your yield, profitability and success.

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