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We can help you better manage nitrogen

January 7, 2022 | Eastern Canada

The large swings in fertilizer prices are enough to cause a queasy stomach. Your local P&H agronomist can help settle things down and draft a plan for your farm to make sure your dollars are being spent wisely.

Nitrogen is one product worth paying close attention to in 2022. Whether you use nitrogen in granular or liquid form, we can help mitigate losses due to natural weather events.

The first step in the planning process is a soil test. A basic $30 test can save money per acre in the long run. It’s a worthwhile investment, especially with spiking nitrogen prices. A soil test will help your agronomist determine the most economical rate of nitrogen (MERN) for each field.

When nitrogen prices are low, it’s easy to overestimate yield expectation and use the standard 1.25lbs of N per bushel. However, with today’s price, you might be better off using the ratio of .9-1.0lbs of N per bushel. Just by doing this can save as much as $50 per acre.

Nitrogen stabilizers are especially cheap insurance this year. They protect against volatilization and denitrification so that more of your applied nitrogen remains stable in the soil. A nitrogen stabilizer can prevent the volatilization of both UAN and urea fertilizer applications up to two weeks. That means a more sustainable and profitable approach to nitrogen fertilization.

Saving even 80% of that nitrogen can save up to $45 per acre just in N loss alone even after the cost of the product.

Talk to your local P&H sales agronomist now. It’s never too early to start the planning process, especially with prices so variable in 2022.

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