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It's important to select the canola hybrid that fits your farm. Learn how P&H can help.


P&H is offering exclusive deals to those who book their canola seed early. Visit your local P&H retailer for early booking deadlines and learn how you can take advantage of this exclusive offer.

Selecting the right system.

Choosing a canola hybrid system is a big decision that can significantly affect your farm’s profitability. With more companies adding new and stacked traits to their portfolios, there are more factors than ever to consider. P&H can help you identify and select the right canola system for your farm.

Finding the right hybrid.

At P&H, we’re here to help you match the right canola hybrid for your farm. We leverage our relationships with the distribution channel to bring you key varieties with unique qualities:

  • Straight cut or swath options
  • Clubroot and multi-genic blackleg disease resistance packages
  • High yields
  • Economical price points

Agronomic expertise.

Making an informed seed selection is important for your crop’s success. Our experienced team uses comparison trial data combined with local performance information to match the right variety to your needs.

Access to global markets.

We have a well-established canola grain program that provides us direct access to end use markets. With roughly half of all canola exported, this represents a significant opportunity for growers.

Our firsthand experience in the crop inputs and grain industry, positions us better than the competition. Talk to your P&H expert for all your grain market needs.

What customers are saying.

We care about you and your needs as a producer. Here’s what some of our customers have said about their experience with P&H throughout the growing process:

“With P&H, we always do our recommendations on our type of land, our soil analysis and our rainfall in our area. So, that’s kind of a better recommendation than someone that’s sitting in an office telling you that if you put X amount of nitrogen on, you’re going to get X amount of bushels of wheat. By going out in the field doing the actual hands-on analysis, P&H sets themselves apart from other companies and helps us maximize our yields without having to overspend. The hands-on experience is what I really value.”

“Neil [Rogan, P&H crop advisor,] visits my fields with me before we put on crop protection like herbicide. We do it together, and he makes the right decisions on which ones we use. We have a 20-year relationship, and I find that very valuable. I find that to be something that keeps me as a loyal customer. I don’t think other companies would be able to provide me with the same service.”