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Selecting corn and soybeans for your farm

Selecting the right corn hybrid or soybean variety is a big decision that affects your farm’s profitability. With more varieties and traits available than ever before, it’s important to consider all of the factors before making a choice. Your local P&H retailer is ready to help you select the right variety based on your farm’s needs.  

Key considerations for selecting a corn hybrid. 

Corn hybrid selection is a complex issue that often gets over simplified. While price is important, it should not be your main deciding factor. Below are some important questions to consider when selecting a corn hybrid for your farm.  


What type of producer are you 

Determine if your main priority is high yields, or if grain quality and test weight matter to you equally. Also, what type of corn are you growing – grain, silage, or dual purpose? For example, if you are growing silage, you want a hybrid with high forage values and high digestibility rates. For grain, you should consider harvest maturity and yield potential.  


Which traits do I need? 

There may be specific traits you either need in your area to help control pests or based on your end-use market.  Do you need a variety that is resistant to cutwormcorn rootworm, or something else? It’s important to consider where you are taking your crop. Some commercial elevators will only take EU-approved hybrids.  


Which seed treatments are you planning to use? 

Ensure the hybrid you select will work with your seed treatment program. There are a number of options available for your corn that can help with establishment, disease or pests. If you have a preferred seed treatment program, make sure it’s compatible with your hybrid selection.   

Non-EU Approved Corn Hybrids

Over the past few years P&H and other industry leaders have focused efforts on developing a trusted and secure supply chain for Canadian Corn and Corn bproducts into the European marketplace. Recently, new corn hybrids have been introduced to the Canadian market that are not approved in the EU. At this time, P&H will not accept any varieties that are not approved for use in the EU. Be sure to know your end-use market prior to selecting hybrids that are not approved in the EU. 

Key considerations for selecting a soybean variety. 

You should ask yourself a similar set of questions above when selecting a soybean variety for your farm. Depending on your area, there may be more considerations to make when selecting a soybean system.  

Trait or genetic options. 

 Different soybean genetics or traits will achieve different goalsWhat is your row width and soil type? Many companies have a variety of genetic options that can accommodate a variety of needs and field types.   

If your area is prone to different diseases and pests, there are also varieties with resistanceIf soybean cyst nematode is a concern or, white mould resistance is required, be sure to select a soybean with high ratings on both of these options. 

Your local P&H retailer is ready to help you select the best variety for your operation. Contact us to learn more.