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Get Ready for Spring

P&H is Your Partner for Better Growth

Spring is always the busiest time of the year, but you don’t have to tackle it all by yourself. Your local P&H Consultant can help with added insights, strategies and adjustments no matter what stage of the growing season you are in, or what’s on your mind. A well-informed crop plan is designed to keep you on-track all season, and act as a key decision-making tool to help maximize the return on every acre. Our experienced team will work with you to create a plan that brings your season’s goals to life. These are some specific topics for your region that you might want to consider when consulting with P&H.


Factors for Success

A successful crop plan begins with understanding issues and considerations for your farm practice.

  1. What is your soil type and structure?
  2. What problem weeds have you had in the past? Is there any resistance on your farm?
  3. Have you had disease or pest issues in the past?
  4. Where are, and what are the low or high fertility locations on your farm?

As your farm partner, we work toward a mutual goal of greater crop success and profitability. Your P&H Sales Consultant can determine fertility in your fields and help you make more informed decisions about fertilizer timing and application rates. We are also able to evaluate past successes or failures in your field and recommend appropriate herbicide tank mixes for problem weeds, fungicides for any disease or pests issues, and seed treatments that can give your crop the best start possible.


New Technology and Regulations

Technology and regulations are always changing, and new chemistry is a constant in agriculture. Your P&H Sales Consultant is here to help you stay up-to-date on the best chemistry options for the farm. Our team is also always on top of crucial export information that can affect anything for both local and provincial wide growers.

Ask us what’s new, and how it might affect your operation. Learn more about what P&H can do for you.

Assessing Your Winter Wheat Stands

When determining returns on winter wheat stands, we usually ask:

  1. Do you need the straw?
  2. If you are only harvesting grain, are you sure you know the stand count threshold for an economic return? Ask us about how to make sure.

If you have decided to remove the straw from your stand, it is important to provide additional phosphorus and potassium. The majority of the potassium in the plant is in the stover, so replacing the potassium will prevent mining the soil of this vital nutrient. Properly calculating the amount of P and K needed for your wheat crop is essential.

Fertilizer Options in Corn

Should You Split N Applications?

Understanding what your season will look like and the goals you have for your farm can help you decided if a split applying nitrogen is the right decision for you.  Applying all your N in the spring with planting can save time, reduce workload and save damage to the crop when you enter again. Split applications can improve nitrogen-use efficiency, which can result in more bushels per pound of N by finely tuning the nitrogen applications. No matter what you decide, P&H can provide the support you need to achieve the desired yield.


Summer or Fall P & K Applications

Your P&H Sales Consultant can help you weigh the pros and cons for summer or fall applications and determine what is best for you. These are some of the factors you should consider:

  1. Fertilizer pricing tends to increase in the spring based on supply and demand.
  2. If you use a dry product, it might be possible to fertilize in one pass.
  3. Will you have enough time to apply and available finances to purchase phosphorus and potassium after harvest?


Your Micronutrient Plan

Applying micronutrients and bio-based additives to your dry or liquid fertilizer is a great way to boost your nutrient management and achieve a more even distribution across the root zone of your crops. Fertilizer impregnation can directly benefit ROI, agronomic efficiency and operational efficiency, and increase your 4R stewardship and sustainability. Ask us about the best micronutrient plan for your crop.

Learn more about what P&H can do for you this spring