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Nitrogen Stabilizers to Protect Your N Investment

April 29, 2024 | Eastern Canada, Uncategorized, Western Canada

How Do Nitrogen Stabilizers Work?

Nitrogen stabilizers help ensure that the nitrogen is available to the crop by helping to reduce nitrogen loss. Nitrogen stabilizers are products that can help to slow the conversion of nitrogen to forms that are more susceptible to loss. Urease inhibitors slow the transformation of urea to ammonium, which can convert to ammonia gas and be lost by volatilization.  This means that you’re left with less usable N in the soil for crop production. (more…)

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Controlling Weeds with Pre-Emergent Herbicides

April 1, 2024 | Eastern Canada, Western Canada

Pre-emergents are a foundational part of a successful herbicide-based weed management program.

Timing and environmental factors will affect efficacy, but the appropriate herbicide applied at the right time can have significant benefits to overall crop health and quality. Developing a pro-active pre-emergent strategy is one way to effectively control weed populations and improve crop yields.

Why are pre-emergents important?

As weed resistance becomes more wide spread, pre-emergents are one way producers can combat weed populations and reduce nutrient competition early. They can help spread work load and ensure that your protection products are applied before weed populations explode.

Here are some tips to control problem weeds with pre-emergent herbicides: (more…)

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Benefits of Seed Treatments

March 1, 2024 | Eastern Canada, Uncategorized, Western Canada

You can’t recover yield potential lost from a poor start in the critical first weeks of seeding, and treatments are one tool you can use to protect yield potential and ROI.

This winter we’ve seen warm temperatures and low snow fall throughout most of Canada.  That means your soil structure and disease pressure could look much different than if you were predicting four feet of snow. Choosing seed varieties with the best genetic potential for your operation is crucial. And part of the planning and variety selection process should include choosing a seed treatment.

What are the benefits of seed treatments?

Seed treatments act as a preventative measure against soil-borne diseases and pests,  and can help you offset certain production challenges before the seed is in the ground. (more…)

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P&H’s Crop Planning Tips for Plant 2024

January 23, 2024 | Eastern Canada, Uncategorized, Western Canada


Aside from an extreme weather event, the winter months are the last chance to make calculated crop plan adjustments.

Crop planning with P&H can help you finalize crop rotation plans, select seed varieties with agronomic traits that fit your farm, and create a fertility plan that matches the selected varieties and the fertility of your fields. It’s more important than ever to hyper-analyze costs of each input, and carefully select the right inputs for your farm with the current environmental conditions.


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Protect your investment with the 5R weed control strategy

March 6, 2023 | Western Canada

Maximize your crop’s success by implementing a 5R strategy: The right rotation, the right time, the right herbicide, the right rate and the right resource

Weed strategies need to be adjusted every year based on where your farm is located and what environmental impacts have affected weed growth.

Canada’s resistant weeds continue to grow. For example, Kochia is now resistant to Group 2, Group 4, Group 9, and/or Group 14 herbicides. Group 14 is a newly added group of kochia resistance discovered in a Saskatchewan case, and added resistance brings a change to the 3R weed control strategy.


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Use Grain Pricing Options to capture strong commodity prices

April 7, 2022 | Western Canada

As if you didn’t have enough on your mind, there is never-before-seen volatility in grain markets to add to your reason to lie awake, staring at the ceiling.

In our hyper, 24-hour news cycle, any small hiccup can cause a blip in the market. Relying on your own wits to capture those momentarily spikes won’t work, especially when prices spike in overnight markets only to settle back down by the time you sip your morning coffee and pull out your phone to check. (more…)

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Target critical weed-free period to maximize yield

April 5, 2022 | Eastern Canada, Western Canada

Keep a crop weed free during a critical period early in its development and you’ll maintain it’s yield potential. Let weeds sneak in, even though the plants are young and small, and you’ll flush away yield before you’re even out of the gate.

Plants don’t like to be crowded. Put an object close to a plant and it will change the way it grows to compensate for the pressure. (more…)

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YaraVita PROCOTE: Better flow, higher yield

March 4, 2022 | Western Canada

You know your crop needs micronutrients. You can see it with your own eyes when there’s a deficiency – a stunted crop, dead plant tissue or yellowing of leaves due to reduced production of chlorophyll. Low levels of zinc, boron or other micronutrients cost you yield and in plant health.

The problem is, no one likes blending micronutrients, especially as you watch your investment float away in big clouds of dust. It’s heavy, dirty work. And then when you get out into the field, everything stops as you try and release a giant clump of sticky fertilizer stuck in the air tank.


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Early season insect management for canola

February 1, 2022 | Western Canada

The effect of drought conditions in 2021 could haunt us into 2022.  

Take flea beetles. There’s the potential for higher insect pressure due to the dry weather in 2021. This year you should definitely consider using a seed treatment. It’s one way to protect your canola against pests like flea beetles.  (more…)

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Lock your doors against kochia, palmer amaranth, water hemp

February 1, 2022 | Western Canada

Lock your doors. Three nasty weeds resistant to multiple herbicide groups are spreading across Western Canada.

Weed resistance isn’t new to Western Canada. But more recently, weeds resistant to multiple groups are showing up.

In the spring of 2021 in Western Canada, wild oats, kochia and green foxtail were commonly found to be resistant to several herbicide groups.


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